Photograph by PennyJane Photography
Photograph by PennyJane Photography

Kayleigh Falcus is a textile artist who specialises in jewellery and fashion accessories. She's heavily influenced by things personal to her life and things that affect her emotionally. Political, financial and personal topics can influence her concepts subliminally. The personal connection between herself and her work allows her to put her thoughts and feelings out into the world in the form of art.

 Falcus's drawing work is usually a mix of dry and wet media. Colour, shape, dimension also add different angles to her work. Embroidery and screen printing are techniques she uses but she loves the sharpness and accuracy of laser cutting. Combining techniques such as screen printing or kniting with newer technologies also can equal in some interesting effects of her older collections. 

She loves to use clean and sharp materials which have a with a very sleek aesthetic. The creative industry can be fast paced and chaotic and her work is a resistance of that in some way. Clean, clinical and minimal. Geometric shapes tend to be a reoccurring trend in her collections. Kayleigh's style could be described as 'futuristic-luxe' concentrating on reflective surfaces with clinical lines and shapes.

Kayleigh's inspiration is found in numerous unsuspecting sources and she has knowledge of the design spectrum outside of textiles. Passion for photography and music also influence her. Recently she is being drawn to fine artists and mark making to bring more dimensions to her work.

Major influences for Kayleigh are:
Alexander McQueen
Andy Warhol
Thierry Mugler
Damien Hirst
Iris Van Herpen
Katie Eary
Tim Walker
Richard Schur